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A Beautiful Mind
Women are more vulnerable to dementia than men, but there are steps they can take to lower their risk

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Island Psychiatric Services, P.S. is a newly formed private practice. I provide psychiatric evaluation and treatment to adults who need help with different types of emotional problems. Severe depression, mood disorders, anxiety, panic, schizophrenia, post traumatic stress disorder and attention deficit disorder are among many disorders that I treat. I also have a special interest in dementia. This started when diagnosing and guiding treatment for a family member who developed Alzheimer's Disease several years ago. Part of my recent practice has included working with older adults, many having severe dementia with behavioral issues. All of my evaluations provide diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Treatment may include prescribing medication, alternative medicine, therapy or other referrals, depending on the problem.

My Goal is to make a positive contribution to the community by providing a complementary service to the existing health care system on the islands. Being emotionally healthy is interconnected with being physically healthy